The Modern Glass Flask - Looks, pours, and tastes better!

Created by RAGPROPER

A throwback to how spirits were meant to travel.

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Flask Accessory Kits Have Arrived!! Ragproper
7 months ago – Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 06:32:06 AM

Dear Ragproper Friends & Customers

We have finally received our flask accessory kits. Wahoo! What's new?

- We've redesigned the lid so that both the metal and plastic are of higher quality and durability.

- We added a cleaning brush in the add-on kit for quick cleaning of your glass flask.

We've also introduced:

- A new black leather flask that has a water resistant coating so that the dye won't blead easily.

- You can now buy the two packs of silicone flasks with military green or gray as the preinstalled cover.

- We have updated our silicone molds to fit a snugger fit on the glass.

Everyone that ordered our add-on accessories will receive a discount code via email for a free accessory kit with free shipping. As a bonus you're also receiving a free cleaning brush in the accessory kit. The discount code is going to the email address you used in Backerkit for fulfillment, so please check it out.  Please note, this coupon code is specific to this email address and you must use this email address at checkout to receive the free accessories that you previously purchased.

We're also giving everyone a 20% off discount so you can buy anything you want at Kickstarter prices again. One thing though, Shopify won't allow coupon stacking, so you'll have to check out separately for the free accessories if you also want to use the 20% off discount on some flasks.

The 20% off discount is KICK20 and is valid for the entire order.

If you have any questions or problems please email us at

Thank you all so much for your patience, and for making Ragproper possible!


Conor & David

Our store is now open for business! +Add on update
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 11:49:57 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

UK and Europe Shipment Update
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jun 07, 2020 at 01:05:20 AM

Greetings Everyone,

Good news, the flasks have arrived in the UK and looks like it will be delivered at the fulfillment warehouse sometime next week. They will begin shipping out as soon as they arrive. If your address has changed this will be the last chance to get us an updated address. If you have sent the address to us via email, social media, or in Kickstarter messages please fill out the form below. Please make sure to us the same email address as you used in Backerkit when you filled out the survey. If you adjusted it on your survey you do not need to do this. 

ADD ON (FLASK ACCESSORY SET) is still not ready we will update everyone when we have more information. 

Thanks everyone and we hope you enjoy your flasks,

Ragproper Team

over 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 11:13:44 PM



We want to apologize about the shipping situation we had everything ready to go and Covid-19 hit unfortunately all air shipments were put on hold for essential items only. We thought it would get better, but even now air shipment prices exorbitant and availability is minimal. With few flights happening and almost no room we were holding off to see if the situation would improve, but as this did not happen we shipped by sea.  The sea shipment arrives June 5 in the UK and our fulfillment partner will be fulfilling all orders to the UK and Europe duty paid. So you wont owe anything. Thanks for your patience and know you will be getting the flasks soon. 


Our factories are coming back online and should have add on items Extra Funnels, Lids , Cork and Silicone Liners  ready in 30 days. We will let you know when we book the freight to the USA and EU. 

Thank you everyone for your patience in these difficult times.

Ragproper Team

EU update
over 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 12:51:29 AM


We have sent out all the orders in the USA and the rest of the world besides EU and UK. Our fulfillment company in the USA has really struggled since they changed shipping software midway through shipping out flasks to backers. If you have not received a tracking number, or received a partial order in your shipment please contact us. Please make sure to send your full name and address when you contact us at

EU + UK backers, we have found a fulfillment partner who will be handling all shipping and VAT fees (so you will not be charged VAT). We are in process of sending them the flasks now. We are sending out emails to all of you asking you if you need to make address changes (look for an email about locking addresses from backerkit). Check your address and make sure it is correct as soon as possible. It will not be possible to make any address changes after Monday of next week. We truly apologize for the delays to all our friends across the pond, and we sincerely hope that covid-19 does not cause further delays once the flasks arrive in the UK.

Thank you everyone for your patience and a happy drinking.

Ragproper Team